The Beginnings of an Intellectual

Stuart began the early part of his education in the Gifted Education Programme. During this time, he also qualified for Mensa, which only welcomes people whose intelligence is in the top 2% of the general population. This early exposure to top notch intellectuals allowed Stuart to gain valuable insight into how creativity and intelligence can be nurtured in the formative years.

Stuart began his career in education during university, where he held regular classes for preschoolers. The program focused on building a solid educational foundation through various games and activities. Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology has also played a great part in helping Stuart develop these programs.

The Makings of a Leader

Stuart later on continued his education path as a director and partner at Bunka Language School, Beyond Language School and Morris Allen Language Study Center. Managing these schools has granted him valuable experience in how a school is run and its inner workings.

Through his rich experiences Stuart has developed a deep understanding on the value of a good education system, highly trained teachers, and an enriching syllabus. He makes sure that lessons are both enjoyable for the children and as well as systematic for both parents and teachers.