The Man of Knowledge

Moses Sia is an educator at large and a learner at heart. He enjoys working with fellow educators and learners, from Kindergartens to Tertiary institutions, in the areas of creativity, pedagogy and the transformative use of educational technology. Having a Masters of Education from the University of Sheffield, UK, Moses is more than qualified to develop the creative curriculum that you see now at KAAMP.

Projects and Appointments

Through the years, Moses has grown from being a secondary school teacher, then an educational technology officer and finally as Vice-principal and Principal in multiple primary schools.

He has since worked with pre-service teachers, in-service teachers from kindergarten to tertiary institutions, as well as facilitated workshops for the young to the old in creativity, art, pedagogy. He has even worked closely with Apple on the use of the iPad as a educational technology tool.

Moses is also the author, publisher and illustrator of the book on creativity – Creative Cool Cat.

Most recently, Moses headed the Stamford School, a K – 12 private school in Bandung, Indonesia. There, he worked closely with a team of internationally diverse staff and students.

Years of Guru-ship

Drawing from his 25 years of experience as teacher, educational technology officer, school leader both in Singapore and in Indonesia, Moses has made a name for himself as a creative education consultant. He is also an Emergenetics associate, and owns an education consultancy Pauseability, which focuses on encouraging a more reflective and creative approach towards learning. One such example would be the learner-driven project framework, which also includes the use of educational technology. This framework is very much the core of the KAAMP Kids Adventure Program.