Teach your child financial literacy through our KAAMP CASH system, where kids can save up KAAMP CASH to buy gifts, or even pay for classes they love!




KAAMP CASH is a currency used at KAAMP. The KAAMP CASH system serves 2 purposes.

  1. To teach kids financial literacy
  2. A method to pay for courses

How much is KAAMP CASH worth?

1 SGD is equal to 10 KAAMP CASH. This means that a course that costs 300SGD would require 3000 KAAMP CASH.


How do I get KAAMP CASH?

KAAMP CASH can be acquired via a number of means.

  1. Coming to classes on time (This teaches kids the value of punctuality)
  2. Performing well during a class (This teaches kids the value of good effort and performance)
  3. Signing up for a course (Applicable only to first timers)
  4. Purchasing them from KAAMP

There are other ways of earning KAAMP CASH which will be elaborated in the future!