An Artist at Heart

Jesse has been in the Arts scene most of her life. Having graduated from Lasalle, College of the Arts, she has gone to great lengths to explore multiple art forms in various different mediums. This experience has lead to her classes being extremely vibrant and fun. Outside of work, she enjoys engaging in her own personal art projects.

Projects and Experience

Jesse is the founder and creative director of Splash Studio. She has taught in over 80 different government schools, Kindergartens and private education institutions all over Singapore. Having over 7 years of experience in Art and Children’s education, she has even been awarded the STAR Trainer Award in 2010. In that same year, her mural painting for Haig Girl’s Primary School was also featured in the National Day Rally.

Teaching Believes

Jesse believes that Art, though being a subject that is often an overlooked, can help improve a child’s cognitive development, motor skills and character. She does her best to ensure that ever class is conducted in a fun and interesting learning environment. Jesse also strongly believes in every child’s infinite potential to excel, and that each class should challenge students through exciting explorations.