Music and Dance

Eugene’s journey into the Arts first started off with music. He picked up the piano at the age of 5, then moved on to play the trombone in the Victoria School Concert Band and the ACJC Wind Orchestra. Due to his high proficiency in music, he was selected as the section leader in both ensembles. (He has also played in numerous concert halls and events including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Disney Land, the Esplanade Theaters, Marina Bay Sands, Resort World Sentosa and many more.) After more than 6 years of music exploration, Eugene turned to dance as another form of artistic expression. Having a strong background in music before he started his journey on dance gave him an extremely strong musical and rhythmic foundation that allowed him to catch up very quickly to his peers in the dance scene.

More than 10 Years of Experience

Eugene started teaching at the tender age of 15, where he was noticed for his high levels of proficiency in music. He was approached by various instructors to tutor their respective school bands. This was when his journey as an instructor begun. Similarly, it wasn’t long after Eugene started dancing, that many of his peers were approaching him for help. That was when he decided to start teaching dance as well.

Eugene has taught music and dance for more than 10 years. Through these many years of experience, he has grown to become not only a patient instructor, but also a very effective one. He believes that a true teacher will be able to explain the most complex concepts, using the simplest of words. He holds close to his heart the notion that there is no bad student, only uninspiring teachers. Guided by these basic principles, Eugene constantly strives and studies to be the best teacher that he can be.

An International Instructor

Over the years, Eugene has taught international workshops in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. He has also trained multiple dance teams for both international and local dance competitions and performances. Being the resident instructor for Westie Connection Malaysia, Eugene formed an exclusive Singapore/Malaysia dance team to compete and perform in the Australian Open Swing Dance Championships. This team was the first of it’s kind, and clinched the 2nd runner up award amongst tough international competition. He also plays an active role in the contribution for performance items in the annual Asia West Coast Swing Open, held in Singapore.