What is KAAMP?

KAAMP, which stands for Kids Arts & Academic Mentorship Programme, is the creative learning hub for kids 4 – 12, aimed to nurture creative kids.

At KAAMP, you can expect

  • A convenient and seamless connection to learning, through a dedicated development path.
  • To positively shape the way your child makes important decisions in life, enabling them to discover their strengths and interests at an early age.
  • To identify areas in which your child displays advanced talents and groom them to blossom.

Why choose KAAMP?

At KAAMP, kids ages 4 – 12 are exposed to activities that will allow them to discover the world in a dynamic learning environment. Your kid will be equipped with the skills they need to flourish in modern society and unleash their inner potential.

How does KAAMP do it?

To achieve this, KAAMP ensures that our programs are thoroughly thought through and carefully designed.

  • Taught by specialists in their own fields
  • Develop 21st Century skills
    • Problem Solving
    • Creativity and Adaptability
    • Financial Literacy
  • Values focused
    • Integrity and honesty
    • Hardwork and diligence
    • Resilience and Self Efficiency
  • All-rounded academic and arts development
  • Promote practical skills and deeper learning
  • An all in one hub for your child’s learning needs

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